If you’re very much into the iPhone, but you’d wish a cheaper version with more features, there’s always the “iPhone Mini” to purchase, via www.dualsimmobileshop.co.uk. Oh yes, this clone is a dual SIM device, but more on its features, in the video below:


The feature that stands out the most, from the handset’s specs is the mobile TV support, that puts to good use a pretty long incorporated antenna. “iPhone Mini” is the size of a credit card and it works in GSM 900/1800 networks, supports dual standby and both of its SIM cards can work simultaneously.

Mini uses the DragWiz menu, inspired by Samsun’s TouchWiz and allowing the user to drag and drop his favorite icons/features to the home screen, stuff like the clock, games, even the photo gallery. There are also a couple of things borrowed from the original iPhone: the Apple logo at the back, the icons, the design and the handset’s interface.

It seems that the touchscreen will only work with a stylus, which is a big minus, as are the ugly video and audio player. On the “Pro” side there’s the ability of listening to songs while browsing menus, radio FM, an e-book reader and support for video recording.

[via YouTube]

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