We already know that the iPhone sold in a very impressive amount of units over the past quarter, surpassing the BlackBerry handsets, but will it be able to pull an “encore” during the holiday season? We guess so, specially if the mystery white iPhone 4 spotted last week will come out before Christmas time…


Back to the sales, Strategy Analytics recently published a report showing that Apple has shipped 15.4 million iPhones in Q3 2010, while RIM only shipped 12.3 million BlackBerry units in the same time frame. This is a premiere for the Cupertino giant, that has never managed to surpass RIM in quarterly sales.

Nokia is still on top, with 26.5 million smartphones sold over the last 3 months, but Apple is getting closer and if the Finns don’t launch hot new products, Steve Jobs and co will overtake them by summer 2011. Unless BB OS 6.0 catches on and is accompanied by devices hotter than the Torch, RIM doesn’t stand a chance to surpass Apple ever again…

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