Kogan Agora seemed one of the few promising Android phones ready to be launched in 2009, when it first surfaced on the web, more than a month ago. It had everything, a 624 MHz CPU, aGPS, WiFi and a 2 megapixel camera plus a hot under $300 price tag. Although pre-orders have already started a couple of weeks ago, now it turns out that the handset will be delayed indefinitely.



Founder Ruslan Kogan announced the problem through a blog post and mentioned that Agora and Agora Pro will be arriving later than scheduled, because of a display issue. It seems that the low-res screen won’t be able to display the high resolution Android apps that will be arriving later this year…

All of you who pre-ordered the Kogan handsets will receive a refund, but this is a still a bad move for the company’s reputation…

[via Boy Genius Report]

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