We have seen cloned phones before, but none of them as… “brutal” as this one. The Nokia Lumia 1020, one of the best cameraphones in the world has been imitated, the wrong way and turned into the L1020. This device is priced at $11, or at least the people who got it second hand paid that little for it.


It’s an Android device, in spite of the tile-based interface that mimics Windows Phone and it includes what appeas to be a huge camera. The format of the handset is similar to the one of the Lumia 1020, but some things are wrong. For example, the Xenon and LED flashes are placed on the wrong side and instead of two wireless charging pins there are 3. Also the yellow plastic has a different color shade and it’s glossy instead of matte.


Amusingly, the back has Pureview and Carl Zeiss written on it, but once you remove the plastic cover, there’s a mere 3 megapixel sensor available, so all the camera stuff at the exterior is just for decoration purpose. Also under the hood there’s a 1600 mAh battery, a microSD card slot and for those of you wondering, the tiles are actually shortcuts to Android apps. The L1020 brings a mere 50 MB of free RAM, barely enough to run Android 4.1 out of the box, which is just sad.

Anyway, this would be a perfect mock gift for a friend, right?

via allaboutwindowsphone


    Hey, I bought myself one of these chicken-feed priced yellow fellas, last Christmastime, in an exceptional emergency situation: I just needed something hands-on, to answer calls coming to both my SIM cards, after my brand-new Galaxy Slim Dual got unexpectedly grinded downtown. Yes, this yellow freaky thing is a dual-SIM! At first, I doubted this “peddler-sold mockery toy phone” could make or take any calls at all… but, in spite of the few-quarters-and-dimes price, it was proven being a surprisingly nice phone! Though it features a ridiculously tiny quarter-giga app phone storage – a manageable flaw, if you have enough waist game – and a real lame GSM data connection – EDGE ONLY! – I’d say it proven itself as one of my handiest Android gadgets bigtime. It’s processor is sleek and fast, whatever the gloomy alien heck it might be, and it is astonishingly swift for surfing the WEB on WiFi spots. Can handle social, and even play streaming media, and It can still deal with chunky files down/up while it’s at it! The cameras… well, VGA pics make for shorter uptimes, when spared from the four-megapixel interpolation mischief. Plus, the touch screen is real glass, not plastic – almost scratch-resistant. I’d say it was a real cost-effective alternative, for that pocket-change price! Still own it and everyday-use it. Not a bad deal, after all.

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