LG AKA is here at GSMDome.com and before we review it, we obviously unboxed it, as shown below. We are lucky enough to have two of the 4 versions of the handset. Each comes with a special mascot and a special color choice. We’ve got the Eggy model and the Soul model, the yellow and blue one.



Priced at $280 on Amazon, the product was launched globally this Spring, after debuting in South Korea last fall. The standout feature of the LG AKA is its pair of googly eyes, that will change their look with every action you perform. The pair of eyes is triggered after attaching to the display of the phone a small plastic plate, that covers two thirds of its facade.


Inside the box there’s a charger, USB cable, headphones, manual, battery and the mascot, a small action figure showing the character you got with the phone. The blue version comes with Soul, a blue little fellow who is a music lover. Then there’s Eggy, a yellow guy, that always fell in love. There’s Wooky, a white character with an angry temper and then YoYo, a pink creature always on a diet.


Back to the phone, it comes with a 10 mm waistline, it weighs 135 grams and packs a 5 inch 720p display. The OS of choice is KitKat and the smartphone packs a quad core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. There’s an 8 megapixel back camera, a 2.1 MP shooter upfront and a battery with a capacity of around 2500 mAh. You can shake the phone to move the eyes and they will change the expression every time you charge the device or if you connect the headphones for example.

Looks like a very quirky and funky phone to be honest, so we look forward to testing it more.


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