We’ve  heard the codename LG-H818 associated to the LG G4 before and this time it appears in relation to a browser benchmark. The device was spotted with Android 5.1 on board and more details can be found below.



Late last month, an User Agent Profile revealed the model number LG-H818. It came with a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution and it was supposed to be the LG G4 for the Asian market. The model number popped up again this week via the html5test website. Interestingly enough, the phone on the benchmarking site came with Android 5.1 on board, the version LMY29F.

That’s the same build as the one from the privileged Android One phones running Android 5.1. Android 5.1 brings better RAM management, a more stable system and enhanced battery life, among others. Some of the “Okay Google” feature bugs will be fixed, as well as notification and sound problems. We remind you the LG G4 didn’t come at the MWC 2015 event, but it will be launched before May probably.

via Phone Arena

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