It’s interesting to see that Firefox OS is seen running not only on lower end devices, but also on handsets with unusual designs. Such is the case of the LG Fx0, a transparent phone created by an Asian artist, but also the case of the Runcible, a circular wooden phone.



This model was introduced at MWC 2015 by the company Monohm and we’re pretty sure it’s a mere concept for now. Runcible runs Firefox OS, but it’s not exactly a smartphone per se. It doesn’t beep or vibrate to let you know about messages, for one thing… The back of the handset is a circular piece of wood with a singular hole for the camera, while the front offers a round touchscreen display, that can be used as a watch, phone dialer, or camera viewfinder.


The device comes with WiFi, LTE, web browsing, phone calls and text messaging, among others. There are some strange aspects about this model, like the fact it won’t beep when you get a Facebook message and won’t show a map when you need one, instead it’ll function like a compass, with an arrow showing the right direction. This is a niche device, that does everything differently.

Japanese carrier KDDI already signed up to sell it later this year.



via Liliputing

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