LG has been putting the LG G6 and its battery through extensive testing, it seems, in order to make sure there will be no problem when the launch time comes. LG Electronics claims that rigorous testing has been applied to the power source, even tougher than the one applied by US and European authorities.

The temperature of the application processor of the future flagship is said to be able to drop by 6 to 10%, thanks to an embedded heat pipe mechanism. The heat dissipation is also ensured by an efficient design of the device’s innards. Battery testing is said to have been done in extreme conditions and the LG G6 passed them with flying colors.

The flagship is expected to come to MWC 2017, next month, after a series of teasers that mentioned its arrival in February and the confirmation of a 5.7 inch QHD+ screen with very narrow bezel. The smartphone is expected to be waterproof, made of metal, non modular and it should have a Snapdragon 835 CPU inside. While the battery safety thing is nice, we also hope to see more battery life, since the LG G5 was underwhelming in that regard.

via blogofmobile