LG Electronics just confirmed the existence of the LG Optimus 3D smartphone, that will be introduced during Mobile World Congress 2011. The show will take place less than 2 weeks from today and the new Optimus series handset comes with a 3D display.

What’s interesting is the phone will also come with a special platform dedicated to 3D content playback and recording. On the LG Optimus 3D you’ll find a camera that incorporates 2 lenses, capable of 3D capture, while at the front there’s a display that doesn’t require glasses to watch 3D content.

HDMI and DLNA are also among the specs of this Android smartphone.

  • I’m starting to hate all this 3d hype. I wish manufacturers would look more into battery life and reliability than adding more features that make the battery life even shorter and the phone more prone to crashing.

  • Anonymous

    LG has been building hype for their phones less new 3D glasses for display at Mobile World Congress, and we even got a glimpse of a living entity. Now, LG is to show the material through a haze of poorly translated into English in a commercial promotion, although we are still largely in the dark…

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