With S Voice being a genuine disappointment on Samsung Galaxy S III and Siri still ruling the virtual assistant area, it’s time to get yet another similar solution. This one comes from LG and it’s dubbed the LG Quick Voice. Is it any good? Let’s see what it offers first…


Voice recognition support is a big feature on modern devices, especially smartphones and tablets. LG calls its system “intelligent voice recognition” and Quick Voice is meant to hit various Android smartphones, obviously that are part of the LG Optimus family, like the Optimus Vu and Optimus LTE II. They’re getting Quick Voice in June and July respectively. Quick Voice offers some of the features also available through S Voice and Siri. Thus, LG users will make phone calls, send texts and emails through it, search the web, set alarms, make calendar appointments and all of tha via voice commands.

There’s no clear detail on how many languages will be supported initially and if international customers will get access to this feature as soon as the South Korean ones. LG’s move makes it even more clear that the future belongs to virtual assistants and innovative methods of input. Physical keys weren’t enough and now the touchscreen’s not enough as well… what’s next?

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