LG is going crazy with the letter “L” on its Facebook page, teasing an interesting announcement today. First, they offered a hint trough a nature scene in the movie “A River Runs Through It”, that won the Oscar for Best Cinematography. This post had as motto the tagline “show you what brings ‘timeLess fulfillment’ to Life”. Notice the capitalized L letters?

Next up LG also showed a clip from an UNESCO documentary of Chinese architecture and a trailer for the Bicentennial Man, mentioning both advanced technology and attention to detail. The fourth hint was an interview about UNICEF with Audrey Hepburn, that highlighted the style of the famous actress. So, the focus here is on style, technological advances and… “L”. Considering there’s already an Optimus L handset out there, the L3 E400, it’s safe to say that we’re not dealing with such a device.

Maybe LG is about to launch a new handset series, or maybe they finally created a decent tablet. The LG Optimus Pad was a disappointment, while the LG Optimus Pad LTE announced last month didn’t actually bring anything new to the table. Whatever this is, it’s probably big enough to worth such a teasing campaign…

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