Noah from Phonedog strikes back, doing a comparison between two of AT&T’s hottest messaging phones: LG Xenon and Samsung Impression. Both are touchscreen messaging phones packing QWERTY keypads and they both hit the stores just recently. Here’s part one of the video duel:


These are 3G handsets we’re talking about and they’re quite similar devices, with cameras at the back, somewhat similar UIs that use widgets, but a great difference in size. Samsung Impression is clearly the larger phone, but LG Xenon is thinner. As far as price is concerned, Xenon goes for $99, while Impression will set you back $199, both with an AT&T contract.

Noah informs us that this Samsung messaging phone is the first US handset with an AMOLED screen (240 x 400 pixels resolution), a great display, better than the one on Xenon. In spite of the fact that Impression is a bit more responsive than the LG phone, the latter comes with vibration feedback, for extra feeling. Next, we have a look at the phones’ menus and fall in love instantly with Samsung’s TouchWiz, but Noah claims that LG’s icons are more attractive and more stylish.

Afterwards, we go to part 2 of the comparison and we find out that Xenon’s keyboard is tinier and less roomy, allowing the user to hit keys by accident, but it has a pretty decent feel to it. Web browsing works far better on Impression, as you can see in the video below and the Samsung device also has the advantage of a full screen stretch mode when watching videos.

Last, we have a look at Xenon’s 2 megapixel camera with flash and Impression’s 3 megapixel sensor, without flash and Noah gives the verdict, at last: Samsung Impression for the win. Do you agree?

[via Phonedog (part1) and (part2)]

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