In case you’re not familiar with this name, Orb is an app that allows users to stream media from their PCs to their handsets and it handles live TV specially. Thus, SlingBox or other such devices aren’t needed anymore, but you still need a TV tuner on your PC. The real news is that you can now add an Orb tab to the TouchFLO 3D 2 interface, as you can see in the video below:


Orb is a free software and the new feature in TF3D2 will allow you to access the app’s channels very easily from the home screen, if you want to. We’re dealing with a hack provided by Heartisall from PPCGeeks, who customized the Manila TV player.

The software will need to be used in its 1.0 version, since 2.0 has some issues with the hack. You’ll find the step by step guide here and be advised that the setup is done manually.

[via fuzemobility]

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