LG is preparing at least two hot new smartphones for CES, the long-awaited tech event that starts tomorrow in Las Vegas. We’re talking about the LG Revolution LTE phone, pictured below, destined to reach Verizon’s portofolio as yet another fresh 4G unit, like the Thunderbolt.


We remind you that LG also intends to detail the Optimux 2X dual core smartphone further and there’s another guest coming, as shown by LG’s booth: Optimus Black. This handset promises “the power of light” and it’s going to be a very slim device with incredible screen clarity.

This is a 9.2mm thick phone with a 4 inch screen and the description seems to fit the LG B mystery handset leaked a while ago pretty well. WiFi certification and the first 2MP front camera are also among the specs. Oh boy, can’t wait for CES to start!

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