Want to play a part in the creation of software for platforms such as iOS and Android? Can’t code? Well then you can always use appsbar, intended for the general public and available for free. This application allows any business or person to create apps even if they don’t have developer skills.


You can then get your software published in Apple’s AppStore or Google’s Android Market, provided that it gets approved. appsbar’s website is available for anyone and their service wants to blend simplistic tools for making software with the features of the professional ones. The service includes an Event Notifier, allowing the creator of software to deliver notifications to users.

There’s also the option of creating a catalog of products through a Menu and a Form Builder can be used for surveys, restaurant orders and questions asked through apps. Social interaction allows the user to reach Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin from the app, while the Soundboard feature will support the creation of an unique app ringtone simply by uploading a sound for users to play when shaking or tapping the phone.

The video below details this service, that will most likely become very popular soon.

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