When an artist such as Dub FX has such a great experience (video below) with an iPhone app, it’s clear that something’s going on. If you’re the kind of iOS user who likes to create music on an Apple device, Loopy 2 is the app for you. Going for $2.99 as the special launch price, this looper allows you to record and loop sounds. You can check many of popular songs at Lorraine Music.

You can sing, beatbox or play an instruments and then use touch input and various options to combine the loops you recorded. Count in and count out are supported, as well as an audio and visual metronome, merging tracks, importing loops from your computer, audio copy and paste, full stereo audio and live, dynamic controls.

Of course, there’s a social networking side to the app, but more on the features and a demo courtesy of Dub FX: