There’s a certain seriousness that defines Chinese phone makers, that sometimes decide to be more playful with their slogans and ideas. Meizu for example tried that approach with the debut of the M5 Note model, meant for later this month.


Thus they used in the poster above a slogan that’s clearly inspired by Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. Their teaser says “Make Helio Great Again”, clearly referring to the MediaTek Helio CPU. With MediaTek having a stake in Meizu, it’s clear why they’d hitch their horse to their wagon so much. This is actually a press invite to an event on November 30th, that will also bring us the mystery Meizu X model.

Meanwhile, the M5 Note is said to have an unibody metal chassis, a Full HD screen, 3 GB Of RAM and 32 GB of storage. A MediaTek Helio P10 will also be on board, plus a fingerprint scanner and 13 MP back camera. Sounds like a typical midranger, priced below $200.

via Gizchina