Meizu became famous when it introduced the first decent iPhone clone, the M8 model. Now, the company graduated to making more original devices, although I can’t shake the feeling that the new Meizu M9 is somewhat of a Galaxy S clone. Now let’s see what the Mobile full review has to say about it.


The reviewer of this unit says that this model can also be compared to the iPhone, when it comes to the design. Meizu’s M9 has a case made of matte black plastic and its surface is soft to the touch, but overall this model is not about beauty, but rather about utility. Its grip is very good and as far as dimensions go, this model measures 11.2 mm in thickness and weighs 123 grams, so it’s lighter than the iPhone 4, but also thicker.

Meizu M9 comes with a TFT LCD touchscreen, with a 3.5 inch diagonal and a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels, making it one of the top league smartphones. However, this model doesn’t quite have the best viewing angles, since with the slightest screen deviation the images begins to fade. A good thing is that in full sunlight, the display is readable.

This Chinese phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, but without flash and the review made by Mobile Review compares its performance to the one of the camera on HTC Desire, so it’s a mediocre unit. More info about the device and its interface can be found in the full review.

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