Meizu MX2 is one of the most interesting smartphones from China of the 2012 end. Meizu has a reputation for building above average iPhone clones with Android and also with pretty good designs. And now finally we get a picture of the Meizu MX2, having a glimpse into the future of the company behind this device.


The one above is a live pic of the handset, that actually looks like some futuristic iPhone 5 concepts I’ve seen. Below you can see the special invitations to the Meizu press event from November 27th, where they’ll unveil the MX2. The invitation includes a box just like the one of the phone and a transparent piece of plastic or glass that’s about the size and shape of the handset. Meizu MX2 is rumored to adopt a 16:10 aspect ratio, a 4.4 inch display with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and an ultra narrow bezel.

In the picture above, the device seems to have a sort of edge to edge screen and we also notice the presence of a customized interface, with a Meizu UI on top of Jelly Bean apparently. The MX2 uses on screen software rendered buttons and relies on a skin called Flyme, that looks pretty nice. At the core of the device there should be the quad core CPU on the Galaxy S III, plus 2 GB of RAM.

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