The Meizu MX4 has leaked again, this time sporting a wooden shell, that feels elegant and reminds me of the customizations offered for the likes of Motorola Moto X. It was expected that Chinese companies would start mimicking this approach, especially since those unique materials look hot.

meizu wooden phone

We’ve seen bamboo phones, tekk wood phones and God knows what other materials. Anyway, if I’m not mistaking Oppo also tried this at some point, so it’s not exactly a premiere. The Meizu MX4 was already seen in gray, white, gold and glossy shells, but never before in wood. I’ve said it before: Meizu likes to experiment. They started off a few years ago, with Apple iPhone clones, went ahead and created their own unique phones with various OSes and look at them now.

They may be the next Xiaomi, provided that they get their launch timeline right. Also, they seem to be specialized in high end models and I don’t quite like the look of their FlymeOS. With YunOS in the mix now, some Ubuntu Touch love and Exynos CPUs they’ll be hard to stop in the future.


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