Not everything concerning the mobile segment of Microsoft revolves around Windows Mobile, fact proved by the company’s latest announcement, OneApp. This is a comprehensive framework, used to deliver apps on featurephones.



OneApp is destined specially to emerging markets, where usually the processor power and memory are the most prized specs. Microsoft has partnered with carriers on this initiative and they’ll offload app processing and storage via cloud solutions, trying to “stress” the handsets as little as possible.

The Redmond giant even mentioned a 150K size for a OneApp executable, that sounds just great. As we speak, OneApp is running through Blue Label Telecoms (South African carrier), allowing the users to access Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, Facebook and RSS apps, plus many more. The SDK is also scheduled to reach the devs soon, so we should expect to see more software available via this platform.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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