Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s boss is known for his jokes and funny character, which he recently proved during a Microsoft meeting, when he made fun of a Windows team member using an iPhone to take a photo.


Ballmer put the phone on the ground and pretended to stomp it before continuing his speech and made a joking reference to this fact during the presentation. Microsoft’s boss had previously stated that he doesn’t allow family members to use Apple products at home, although you should know that Redmond employees are not banned from using iPhones, they’re just advised not to.

There are also “rebels” on the other side, like Larry Hryb, Xbox Live director of programming, constantly talking about and using his MacBook Pro.

[via Electronista]

  • Findingskeeper

    Absolutely laughable. So, Microsoft employees are forbidden to use Apple tech products? I'd imagine that Microsoft doesn't want to actually use a tech product that actually WORKS, for fear of a mass-exodus from Windows PC's to Mac OS X. For all you doubters and clowns that call us 'fanboys' and such, in a vain attempt to make Mac users somehow feel like they're 'missing out', I can only suggest you buy a Mac, and report back your findings.

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