We’ve been waiting for a Motorola touchscreen smartphone “to rule them all” for a long time and many of us thought we’d never see such a handset, with the depression and all. Turns out that Moto Atila is real and it got pictured and posted online, although you should take this info with a huge grain of salt.

It could be a Photoshop work, and the most suspicious part of “Atila” is its interface, clearly an iPhone copy. Also, the body of the device looks quite a lot like BlackBerry Storm’s, but the Chinese fonts on the screen really got me thinking that this is a real device after all, an Asian iPhone clone with Motorola branding on it.

What do you think? Here’s the original Motorola Atila pic below, that surfaced on the web a couple of months ago.

[PhoneHK via wmpoweruser]