Before CES 2011 took over our entire schedule for today, AT&T announced the Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone at the Developer Summit that took place before CES. Apparently, this is a “4G” handset, one that actually works on HSPA+ networks.


AT&T claims that this is “the world’s most powerful smartphone”, thanks to is NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 CPU and odds are that this is in fact the Motorola Olympus handset we’ve seen leaked a while ago. Atrix 4G supports HTML5 web browsing, it runs Android 2.2 and you’ll find MOTOBLUR as the main UI, although we would’ve liked stock Android more.

Multitasking will be enabled on this monster thanks to 1GB of RAM and the case of the new Moto hottie is only 10.9mm thick. A 1800 mAh battery will handle the power hunger and expect more info about this device once CES 2011 is in full bloom.

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