The folks of BGR have managed to somehow score a Motorola Droid unit, for us all to check out and enjoy in this neat gallery. Their impressions can be found out below and you have to know that the smartphone runs on Android 2.0 and it’s a very, very thin device.



Actually, Droid is a bit thicker than an iPhone 3GS and probably the thinnest QWERTY slider ever pictured by BGR. On board, you’ll find a TI OMAP3430 processor, making it the fastest Android device to reach the hands of the same specialists. As far as feeling is concerned, it might remind some of the OQO 02 model computer, but a tad smaller and with a metal with a non-spring-assisted slide.

This sturdy phone comes with a cool capacitive display, that’s also huge and it’s accompanied by a QWERTY keyboard with a soft touch rubberized finish. Moto Droid ships with a desktop cradle/charger and it’s a pretty fun accessory to play with, since it turns the handset into a multimedia station. Review coming soon? You bet!



[via BGR]

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