After showing you some hot devices in our recent unboxing videos, it’s time for a record: the thinnest smartphone on the international market – Motorola Droid RAZR. This Gingerbread dual core handset measures a mere 7.1mm in waistline and I said “on the international market” because in Japan there’s an even thinner Fujitsu phone.


Don’t get me wrong, the Droid RAZR is a sweet device, that’s very thin and classy, although it feels a bit wide in the user’s hand. Moving on to the unboxing, the device comes inside a regular flat box, with a charger inside, a microUSB cable, headphones and a bunch of manuals. The smartphone takes a while to boot and its interface is customized with what looks like pure MOTOBLUR, but in a flavor that I can really tolerate.

The new RAZR was promised an Ice Cream Sandwich update, as soon as it can be done… Looking forward to that and I have to say that this phone has a lot of potential, but its high price and its wideness are not for everyone… The original RAZR series had a lot of fans and maybe this device will appeal to them, especially on contract.

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