While the Motorola Droid X 2 is leaking on the web, there are some Droid X users out there who want to get the latest Android on their still strong device. Well, after a bunch of rumors, the date May 10th came up as the day when we’ll be getting Android 2.3 on this Moto model.


A week ago, a leaked build of Gingerbread reached some units, but this was unofficial software, sadly. Droid Life found out that testers were given the Droid X build from last week and the rest of users are expected to get the same on May 10th, if the info is real. The same site has some info concerning the pre-orders of HTC Droid Incredible 2, that might be available today via Wirefly.

Well, back to Gingerbread and Droid X, since the unofficial ROM is online already, there’s a clear need for the official software to pop up in the following week or so, right? We’ll keep you informed!

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