Moto 360 is definitely that one smartwatch that made other producers to adopt a circular screen too. As you may know, this device is now available for order and many people already got the hands on it. Today, thanks to a user from Reddit called Nazi_Funded_Gogurt we can see how the watch manages to display information in bright sunlight.



We get to know the fact that the Moto 360 was set to minimum brightness (Value = 1). In order, you can see how the display manages to handle outside, and in direct sunlight. The results are pretty impressive taking in consideration that the brightness is set to the minimum value. In such a configuration, we’ll get both a good experience with the watch and a  higher battery lifetime.


The same user let us know that the smartwatch was showing up a 35% battery left from 8 AM to 2 AM. In this time he sent and received a lot of emails, made some search on Google and the standard feature checking the time. What smartwatch will you choose right now if you have the opportunity ?



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