Pocketnow takes us on a video tour, showing Fennec’s features, well some of them at least, that are active in this alpha build. Although the browser is kind of unstable, it’s still impressive for a mobile one, but more of that in the video below:

The first problem with Fennec is that it installs in the Games folder, but moving on, we discover the classic address bar at the top and the bookmark button close by. Notice that if you drag your finger on the screen, you’ll pull out a little tab that shows all of the websites you are on and allows you to add more by pressing a “plus” sign.

The favorites button is on the right of the screen and below it you’ll find the Settings option. This section looks very much like the one on Firefox 3, in its desktop version, as it shows a download manager, add ons, extensions, privacy, security, cookies and whatnot. Moving on, we discover that as we type the address we want to go to, the browser makes suggestions and even gives quick links to famous sites like Google, Yahoo etc.

There’s a circle right next to the address bar, that shows an animation as the page loads, a cool little feature, plus the possibility of tapping near the URL in order to obtain info on the identity of the website. Last, but not least, we have a look at the simple bookmark menu, where you can click on edit and add a site name, a link and its tags.

Have you tried Fennec yet? What’s your opinion?

[via YouTube]