The trend of dual cameras has gotten so big, that even the latest rumors about the iPhone 6s brought up a dual camera on board. Today we came across a Xiaomi leaked phone, a mystery device with two cameras at the back.

xiaomi mystery machine

Between the cameras there is a dual LED flash and the back side of the phone seems to be made of glossy glass. The handset looks pretty long, so it may end up being a phablet. Its edges at the back are pretty curved and the frame seems to be made of metal. I can’t guarantee it, but my gut feeling tells me there’s an USB Type C port at the bottom.

Now that Meizu has debuted the MX5 and Huawei the Honor 7, Xiaomi must also make a move. We’re getting close to the time of the year when a new Galaxy Note and iPhone will be launched and usually Chinese companies counter that with preemptive launches.