While Microsoft seems to be forcing HTC to pay for the license to use Android (!?), we’ve learned of a new HTC slider, that’s reached the FCC for testing. We’re talking about the mystery device pictured below, in an image from A Test Lab Techno Corp.

This is a horizontal slider, that will run Android, as shown by its home key, instead of the standard Windows home button. No name has been revealed yet, so for now, the handset is known as model number PC70110. HTC’s slider features an optical trackpad just like the one on HTC Desire, but a bit more oval than circular.

As far as we know, the phone supports WiFi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth and comes with support for AT&T 3G bands. The device is pretty good-looking and that’s all we have on it, for now. We’ll get back to you in case any extra info is provided.

[via Phone Dog]