Well, what some rushed to call a “iOS 5 leak” is in fact a discarded or prototype version of iOS 4, spotted on a white iPhone 4. The leak shows a 64GB white iPhone 4 running a test version of iOS that wasn’t seen before. However, one should keep in mind that we could also be dealing with a fake and a customized version of iOS via ROM.

What’s really appealing is the nifty multitasking done with the menu showing previews of the apps that are running right now. Once the windows that show the apps in action are displayed, there’s also an innovative Search iPhone dialog at the top. This sends you to a Spotlight search, that replaces the current search method.

As the videos below show, you’ll also find the Touch Fighter app on this handset, used to show the capabilities of the early versions of iPhones. It’s curious to see how this unreleased iOS 4 got out and whether or not parts of it will be included in iOS 5…

  • A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my website. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Congratulations!

  • If that multitasking isn’t fake, I guess we should start wining about Apple copying Nokia’s Maemo 5 multitasking UI.. And since the trend among Apple and the others today seem to be to sue each other for every little detail..