The usual component makers from Asia are talking about the future iPhones and today they shed some light on their new batteries. It appears that the iPhone 6 models will get batteries that measure 2 mm in thickness.



Previously, the iPhone 5 and 5s had batteries with a thickness of 3 mm, so this one is a pretty big drop in thickness, by 1 mm. Samsung is said to have reached 1.65 mm with a new battery cell, but that’s not yet ready for prime time. Lately we’ve seen and heard a ton of info regarding the iPhone 6 components, including display panels, cases, buttons, Touch ID sensors and now the battery.

Component makers are facing low yield rates because of all these changes, so they may not turn a very big profit this year. They do expect 60 to 70 million new iPhones to be sold by the end of the year 2014. In spite of the decrease in thickness, Apple’s new iPhone batteries will keep a pretty good capacity, said the same source.

Via Digitimes

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