We’ve got fresh and hot new info on the upgraded iPhone that will get launched this summer. The info got leaked thanks to an official AT&T source, who claims that we’ll witness the announcement of the new iPhone in mid June.



The same source was quoted saying that the device will be faster and it’ll use the U-Verse iPhone app, that allows users to control home DVRs. We also learned that AT&T and Apple have been working on integrating support for the carrier’s products and services on an “unified product”, probably the new iPhone.

iPhone 3.0 software should set the tone for the iPhone’s future upgrades, according to the same AT&T official, who also says that the new handset will fill in the gap in the public segment not conquered by the US carrier till now. Last, we get two more juicy pieces of info: the 2009 iPhone will support HSDPA 7.2 Mbps connectivity and AT&T will start selling a $99 3G netbook.

The info is 100% confirmed, so we’re in for a very, very hot summer!

[via Boy Genius Report]

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