A while ago here on GSMDome.com we’ve showed you in premiere a couple of live pictures with an upcoming Oppo smartphone, probably the most amazing phone of this year. We’re talking about the Oppo R7, a bezel free phone that at first seemed to be edited in Photoshop, but later thanks to a video hands-on we noticed that the phone really exists.



Today, new live pictures with the device gets leaked, and we get the chance to see the fact that on the front-facing panel we don’t have bezels at least not in the left or right side of the phone. We see how the bezels of this phone bends down keeping the display function.

The technology behind this solution found by Oppo is related to a patent obtained in March. More precisely, they’ve managed to invent a technology that uses optics and refraction in order to let the impression of using an edge-to-edge phone.

If you want to test yourself this concept, the easiest way to do it is by placing a crayon in a glass full of water. By looking from sideways at the crayon in the water you can notice how it seems to be bent. The same thing happens with the light from the display LEDs that are refracted and targeted to the rounded glass.

Getting back to the phone, you must know that this one will be the first of its kind, even if Sharp had a similar attempt with the Aquos Crystal. It would be interesting to see how strong will be the new Oppo smartphone in real life usage. What do you think about this device and the phones that are coming from China?

via: mobilissimo.ro

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