It’s interesting to see firms from Asia allowing their various divisions and segments to become independent brands. Vaio got split from Sony and now ZTE’s Nubia seems to operate independently. Today we stumble upon the Nubia NX513J model, that was certified by TENAA and it’s said to be unveiled today in Prague, in the Czech Republic.


The handset is still shrouded in mystery and we’ve yet to learn its full specs list. From what we know from TENAA, we’re dealing with a 5.2 inch Full HD handset, with a 2130 mAh battery, as well as a body with a waistline of 6 mm. Full 4G support is promised and judging by the images, this model may as well be made of metal and it features a generous speaker at the back.

It has a red circle around the Home button, a trademark for the Nubias and there’s an extra mystery button on the side. While the right side holds the volume buttons and On/Off button, the left side includes two card slots and an extra button, rumored to be associated to the camera or custom features. Expect an unveiling in Beijing today, aside from the European one.