While the Xiaomi Mi 5 is pretty much a familiar face, considering the past leaks, this newcomer shown below is a mystery. We’re just witnessed the leak of a full metal chassis associated to a yet unannounced Xiaomi device. It has the “MI” logo and some iPhone 6 resemblances.



We’ve got plastic back cutouts, a surprisingly small camera and a slim waistline. Seeing those fingers next to the chassis made us realize this is going to be a phablet of sorts and not a handset, since it’s much longer. Xiaomi takes a lot of pride in its designs and using those plastic antennae cutouts sets them up for a comparison with Apple and HTC.


The bottom portion is also very iPhone-like, particularly if the two extra holes next to the USB port will be used for screws. The latest reports talk about 3 or 4 GB of RAM for the Xiaomi Mi 5, 16 up 128 GB of storage and a Snapdragon 820 CPU, plus main 16 MP camera and a front 8 MP shooter. Then there’s a 3600 mAh on board, so I imagine there’s an even bigger battery on the mystery phablet.

I wonder what model it is…

UPDATE: Turns out that this may be in fact an Oppo model that was leaked late last year and it’s been Photoshopped with the Xiaomi logo. Even in that case, the handset has yet to be launched, so it could be a new Oppo flagship phablet. We learned that from here.




via cnbeta

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