In case you didn’t know, the FCC approves new Nokia devices each week, but very few of them actually make it to the portofolio of American carriers or to the “front page” of major tech blogs. This time, a pretty different product got approved and intrigued us… Could it a new Internet Tablet from Nokia?



The FCC has just approved the so-called “Nokia RX-51”, certified for T-Mobile USA. What’s strange is that usually Nokia phones get the “RM” designation, so this “RX” should be more than a handset. Also, this device supports AWS 3G and it’s wider than your average phone, so we might be dealing with the Maemo 5-based Rover Internet Tablet detailed by MobileCrunch a while ago.

T-Mobile USA to launch a Nokia superphone/tablet? That sounds good enough to include in our Christmas shopping list!

[via Engadget Mobile]

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