The Sony Xperia SL phone is just one of the newcomers expected to debut during the pre IFA 2012 conference that Sony announced recently. That will take place on August 29th and it may include the debut of maybe even half a dozen handsets. The Sony Xperia SL has been rumored beforeĀ  and it appeared in blue and pink last month.


The yet unannounced handset now has 3 new color versions: black, silver and white. ePrice scored these press photos of the handset, that’s actually not different from the Xperia S, launched earlier this year. The biggest and probably only change is the bump in CPU, to a dual core 1.7 GHz unit. Sony’s new handsets could also include the Xperia J and LT29i Hayabusa, that could come at the end of the current month. Sadly, it appears that the Xperia SL will come with Android 4.0, although I would have liked Jelly Bean on it, if you ask me.

The SL will probably have a Snapdragon S3 processor, so don’t expect a surprise S4 CPU here. If you want that Snapdragon version there’s the Xperia GX and SX to get in Japan with LTE on board. I also expect to see the Tegra 3 tablet from Sony leaked recently also shown at IFA 2012.

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