One may assume that during a lawsuit you may want to keep to yourself vital info that pertains to the courtroom and official documents. That’s exactly what Samsung wasn’t able to do, by leaking information from the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit. Now Judge Lucy Koh found out and demands some names and punishment.

Up until now the Judge tried to be fair and stopped Apple when their claims were too big and also penalized Samsung for their infringements. However, the many appeals that Samsung had must have tired the judge. Previously, Judge Koh disallowed the testimony related to the Sony designs that predated the Apple iPhone, so those were not relevant this time. Samsung’s attorney asked to use the designs one more time, only to get threatened with sanctions by Koh, who had already heard motions in this direction.

And the latest trouble was caused by the fact that Judge Lucy Koh didn’t allow pictures of the Samsung F700 into the trial. This device precedes the first iPhone by a few months and actually resembles its design a bit, proving Samsung’s originality. Well, seeing that they couldn’t use the pics in court, Samsung leaked the F700 slides to the press, making the Judge very angry. And the trial goes on, with Samsung on the bad side of the judge…

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