Chinese device maker BBK is up for another premiere, so after making the Vivo X3 slimmest handset in the world at 5.75 mm, they plan to use Nikon technology for the camera of a future flagship. The info comes straight out of, our sister site.



The new flagship is pictured below and seems to have a twistable camera area, like the Nokias of the good old days. This camera will be based on Japanese technology, more precisely Nikon. The camera sensor is a 1/1.7 inch CMOS that’s able to take 20 MP shots and it’s got a F2.0 aperture. Nikon will provide a professional SLR chip here, under the name EXPEED E1-158 1051 200 M.

Since Nikon entered the ring and Sony was already there, all that’s left is that Panasonic and Canon start supplying their technologies to other handset makers. Let’s see how thin can BBK make this handset this time…


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