The folks of Smartphone France have recently revealed that Nexus One is apparently gearing for an over the air update in the following days. No official source or info on this, so take it with a grain of salt. What we know right now is that the new firmware will be offered for download by Google and it’ll bring improvements to the device.

Among the improvements, you’ll find better memory management, a new Linux kernel to operate, a fix for the multitouch issue that arises when fingers are too close and “activating the FM radio feature of the camera”. Too bad that the multitouch issue on the Nexus One is due to the hardware, not software and as far as the strange FM radio camera feature is concerned, that might be a poor translation from French, or maybe simply FM radio.

If a real update is coming, we’d also expect it to include 3G connectivity issue fixes and a way to solve the 16 bit color problem in the Android 2.1 gallery app. So, what do you say? Real or rumour?

[via androidguys]