An inside source, possibly from Best Buy recently revealed the number of units available tomorrow, when the retail chain launches Samsung Nexus S. The numbers aren’t yet confirmed, but according to the mystery source, big box Best Buy stores that sell T-Mobile contracts in store will have an average of 35 units available tomorrow.

Product transferring will take place from one Best Buy to another, in case of stock problems. Also, plenty of units have been prepared for online orders and will be shipped to customers. Back to the unit-related rumors, Best Buy Mobile locations with T-Mobile contracts available will get an average of 72 units on Thursday.

Meanwhile, big box Best Buy location without T-Mobile contracts will have around 4 units available. Couple these numbers with the 210 Best Buy stores in the US with T-Mobile contract offerings and you’ll get a successful launch if all goes well. Remember, 8 AM is the time to go get your Nexus S.