Unwired View has discovered a recent Nokia patent that details a dual screen handset with one of the displays supporting 3D technology. The patent says that the 3D technology has a limited field of view and can create fuzzy images, so the Finns have decided to use two front facing cameras to track the user.


One of the cameras will capture the user’s face and the other his pupils, using these coordinates to compute how to create the best 3D object on the 3D display. Meanwhile, the 2D screen is used to interact with the device, via touch input. The purpose of the 2D screen doesn’t end here, as the display will draw shadows and other optical illusions to make objects appear more real.

No idea when these technologies will make it to the market, but 2015 would be a good guess. 3D displays are hot right now and rumors are saying that Apple might also launch a device with a touchscreen that shows tridimensional images either this year or the next. Wondering what potent battery the Nokia dual display 3D phone will use…

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