Many have tried to explain why the Apple iPhone sucks and many have defended the device or exhibited their fanboysm for Apple’s handset. Now, it’s the turn of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to make the iPhone cry and hide in a deep hole with shame. revealed 20 reasons why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple iPhone 3G and we’ll check them out below.


For starters, Apple’s phone is bulkier and heavier than the Nokia 5800 and its 480 x 320 resolution pales in comparison with the 640 x 360 supported by 5800’s display. In the case of storage space, iPhone 3G is available in 8 and 16 (soon 32) GB versions, while the Nokia handset uses a microSD card slot, allowing you to expand its memory according to your needs (8 or 16GB).

Regarding the input methods, you might probably know that the iPhone is all about finger touch, while Nokia 5800 supports the use of a stylus, plectrum, finger and there’s even handwriting recognition. The next major flaw of Apple’s handset actually includes its lacks and bugs, like the missing cut and paste function, the ability to save email attachments, lack of support for third party headphones, ringtones, apps and what not. Nokia’s phone doesn’t have to worry about these…

Yes, I know that this is a silly comparison to make, but Nokia Tube is available in more color versions (red, blue or black), while the iPhone is limited to black and white. The war goes on in the battery segment, where the Finns’ device shines once again, offering 30% more battery life than the iPhone and a removable unit.

Don’t get us started on the camera… You know, 3.2 megapixel versus Apple’s 2 megapixels, no flash, no zoom, no native video call and no video recording. Three other quite useful functions are lacking from the iPhone, voice dialing, voice recording and FM radio, but they’re available on 5800, rest assured.

The music service one uses to get his favorite tunes involves paying, if you’re an iTunes customer, while Nokia offers one year of free music downloads. Clear win! Finally, we must mention that the iPhone’s browser (Safari) doesn’t support Flash, while the Nokia webkit-based browser does (Flash Lite).

There’s also the lack of Bluetooth file sharing on Apple’s device, not enough messaging options, a too high price for the unlocked handset and Nokia’s huge experience as arguments to give the Finns this win. In the end we can say that the article we’ve just read is quite harsh and someone should make another one with 20 reasons why Nokia 5800 is overrated.


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