DailyMobile user Madgy recently published a concept called the Nokia C8, one of the few futuristic handsets that run Symbian. This device is inspired by C7 design and it comes with a flat surface, but upfront and at the back. Its display is a 3.5 inch touchscreen, with a strange resolution: 720 x 405 pixels (16:9).

Below the display there’s something innovative for a Nokia unit: a mini capacitive OLED screen, with a 330 x 50 pixel resolution. This is used to show notifications, new messages, social networking updates and more. At the back you’ll find a 12MP autofocus camera with LED flash, while the side features a battery indicator and a capacitive camera button.

The idea of having a touch button on the side sounds really interesting,e specially because it can be used for various purposes. The C8 is a very hot concept and we sure hope that Nokia is reading this.

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