Nokia likes to stun the world every once in a while by launching the most unlikely of products, like the professional OZO VR camera or today’s MIKA digital assistant. This is a customized digital assistant for telecom carriers, tailored to the needs of these operators.

MIKA will offer voice-dictated automated assistance, in a move that’s bound to take the world of call centers by storm. The future of this entire field is certainly in the hands of automation. The idea is reduce time spent searching for vital info and it also lets carriers focus on key business areas, without being distracted by multi tech network environments.

The assistant has been set up specifically for the telecom industry, but I have a hunch it can be trained for multiple other fields, so expect to hear more about it in the future. MIKA is supposed to “give back” over one hour of productive time to engineers, by offering them access to info and recommendations via its custom UI. Augmented intelligence and automated learning are included here, plus access to tools, documents and data sources.

Nokia’s AVA knowledge library has been included, basically a repository of data gathered from Nokia projects from all over the world. Suggestions will also be available and Nokia also introduced a function called Predictive Repair, that links network, repair center and factory data. Nokia Bell Labs machine learning has been used to predict network failures.

MIKA will be demoed at MWC 2017 next month.

via Nokia Networks