We’ve just received goodies today and it’s not even Easter! The Nokia E7 has just arrived in our lair and we’ve unboxed it in the video below, for you all to check out what Nokia’s been up to since the N8. This handset has very much the same form factor as the N8, plus some extra thickness, a QWERTY keyboard and an 8 megapixel camera.


On this model, Nokia chose to bundle a microUSB charger instead of the traditional one, which is a sign that things are changing at handset maker. Inside the box we found the usual stuff: a manual, charger, microUSB cable, headphones and HDMI cable. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is impressive and very intuitive, but what we really noticed was that Symbian^3 seems to be working better on this model, compared to the N8.

Also, the camera was a pleasant surprise, even after playing with the 12 megapixel brethren of this device, but more on that in the full review to follow.

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