Eldar Murtazin, the famous and controversial editor in chief over at Mobile Review has a pretty good track record, when it comes to predictions and speculations. However, he’s also known for publishing many rumors, so take the news about Motorola working on its own OS with a grain of salt, OK?

This means that they would follow in Samsung’s footsteps and stray away from the Android that saved the company from bankruptcy not so long ago… Eldar also claims that he doesn’t believe in this initiative and that the OS has been in the works for 4 months now. The Motorola R&D is supposed to be working hard on it…

Considering Samsung success with the Bada OS experience and the many units sold, the US company could give it a go, with the risk of jeopardizing their partnership with Google and the continuity of the Droid series.

  • I think instead of making their own OS,Motorola should use Windows Phone 7.