The Maemo discussion board has generation quite a bit of fuss concerning one of Nokia’s future technologies. Turns out that the Finnish giant might implement a new method of input on its future device, possibly the N9 model.

Among the speculations we’ve heard about a new interface, that doesn’t require the user’s head to be locked towards the screen. This dates back from the time of a MeeGo teaser and Nokia Conversations discussions about gesture control. Another option would be using Neonode’s zForce optical touch screen, that has many advantages like the lack of a glass overlay, finger, stylus and gloved hand interaction and better display quality.

The Haptikos technology is also mentioned and that’s a pretty nifty technology belonging to Nokia, that mimics perfectly the feeling of physical keys. Thus, you can type on QWERTY keypads faster and received electrotactile feedback. Back in 2008 there were great hopes for this technology, but now we’ll have to wait and see…

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